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Profile of Dr Mary Kelly

Dr Mary Kelly, BSc (Hons.), MSc, PhD is the Executive Events Director of the International association of Health Care professionals (IAHCP).  She studied ad graduated from University of Manchester, UK for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies.  Her responsibility in the Association includes organising different scientific international conferences and meetings, booking venues, accommodations allocations for delegates and general events management and administration. I also undertake various research and educational activities in Public Health Medicine, Healthcare Management and Medical Education in all levels.

She is also involved in education and research projects for various collaborating organisations that share aspirations in promoting excellence in patient care and education. Dr Kelly further works on social care and social policy projects, and in public health matters.



Dr Kelly has more than 35 years’ experience in events organisation at all levels. She has been organising and managing all the international medical conferences and meetings for the International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP) for the past 30 years. These involve arraigning of venues, speakers, accommodation and general administration of the well-known successful IAHCP Scientific Meetings and Conferences internationally.

She has also undertaken various research projects and studies on healthcare management, and marketing. These have helped her to develop her personal and professional activities.


Dr Kelly is also the lead in the Medical Practice and Education in Developing Countries Projects, which started from cooperation between the collaborating organisations in the Joint International Research and Education Programme from April 1983.  The aim of this project is to examine the pattern of medical practice and healthcare delivery systems around the World, identifying areas of developmental needs, and implementing programmes for improvements.   The programme has continued to expand over the years, and has extended to 102 countries globally.  Dr Kelly leads dynamic programme members who are very dedicated professionals that have enthusiasm in promoting education, research and patient care all over the world.


Dr Kelly also volunteers in many projects internationally in promoting efficient public health, education and research globally.


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