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Professor Dr Hristina Tancheva Milcheva was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria where she completed her secondary education at the Vassil Levski High School in a class with intensive study of French. In 1985 she graduated from the Medical Institute in her hometown, specialty "Midwife", working for 5 years in all sectors of the AG clinic, in the town of Stara Zagora, where she graduated in Biology at the University of Plovdiv.
In the Medical College of Trakia University,Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, she has been working as a teacher of clinical training of midwives, then as Head of the Department of Education, and Director since 2011 and is now Director of the College.
She defended her PhD in Pedagogy at Sofia University, and graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University - Sofia, and specialty "Medical Pedagogy" at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Medical University - Sofia. Since 2009 she has been Associate Professor of Social Medicine and Health Care at the Department of "Personal Care" at the Ministry of Health. Since 2016 she has been Professor of Social Medicine and Organisation of Health and Pharmacy in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, where she lectures on Health Care and Health Promotion of all specialties from the Professional Health Care Division.
See teaches "Medical Pedagogy" of Bachelors and Masters of Healthcare Management at the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Sofia. 
She is also a lecturer at other universities in the country – Medical University, Plovdiv, where she lectures to students of "Nursing" and "Midwife" for the period - 2011 – 2014.
She has specialised in Belgium, France, Germany on the issues of medical education of health professionals. She has participated in a number of international projects and exchanges in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany. He is the author of more than 180 scientific publications, publications, multimedia, textbooks and teaching aids for health professionals.
She is a member of the Union of Scientists, BAPZG, INGA and the National Association of Health Policy and Management. She has interests in the areas - Health Management, Medical Pedagogy, Health Care and (Geriatric Care), Health Promotion.




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